The HTC First is a surprisingly decent mid-ranger that has found itself more than a bit overshadowed by the Facebook Home software that comes pre-installed. That’s a bit of a shame, because your feelings about Facebook Home aside, the First is an attractive little phone in its own right and deserves to get some more attention. A week ago, we were musing about whether or not people would actually flock to the First, especially in light of heavyweights like the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S 4 looking so tempting. At the time, the First was still going for about $100 on contract, so while it was cheaper than the One or GS4, it maybe wasn’t as affordable as it needed to be. That all changes now, with AT&T making the First essentially free-on-contract.

Truth be told, it’s not quite, but $1-on-contract doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. This new positioning sounds like a really great move on AT&T’s part to help sell the First, as it should look a whole lot more attractive that some of the carrier’s other cheapest models.

Perhaps better still, the savings carry over to the full-price, non-subsidized HTC First, which drops from $450 to $350. That’s Nexus 4 territory, and while the First doesn’t have Google’s special attention (and early access to software), its stock Android experience and high-density screen just might give the N4 a run for its money.

Source: AT&T
Via: Android Police

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