When you’re not a major mobile operating system, getting attention from hardware manufacturers can be tricky. To a degree, that’s true for Firefox OS, but it’s still managed to find some love from big names: Sony’s experimented with the platform, ZTE’s delivered Firefox OS phones, and we just saw LG build that cool transparent model for Japan. Now we’ve got another OEM who may be thinking about joining the Firefox OS party, as HTC is tipped to be experimenting with the platform on its own lineup.

We’ve talked about HTC and Firefox OS before, but only in the context of independent efforts to bring the OS to the jack-of-all-trades HD2. But this new development may spell a much more official level of involvement, as we hear that HTC software devs have been working on bringing Firefox OS to some of the company’s hardware.

That said, it’s not at all clear at the moment where HTC’s intentions may lie, and this action (assuming this report is correct in the first place) could range anywhere on the spectrum of experimentation for the sake of experimentation, to preparation for an actual commercial launch.

With a rumor as loose as that one, why are we giving this theory the time of day? Well, HTC’s been clear that it’s willing to play around with new ways of doing business, and beyond expanding to devices beyond smartphones (and the stray tablet), we could understand the company wanting to test the waters of alternative operating systems – especially if it can do so without a huge financial investment.

Source: Upleaks (Twitter)
Via: phoneArena

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