HTC Eye hinted to sport 13MP front-facer, with flash

The last time we heard about the upcoming HTC phone, tentatively named “Eye”, was with the occasion of a report that claimed it will sport a 13MP DuoCamera setup. At that time we thought this was no big deal, as the Butterfly 2 already ditched the “four-megapixel UltraPixel” DuoCamera in favor of a 13MP DuoCamera setup. The report was also not in line with previous rumors that claimed the “Eye” would be a “selfie-phone”.

Today’s leak sheds some light on the matter, however, don’t forget to grab your pinch of salt. For starters, we’re not looking at the HTC One M8 Eye, but rather at the HTC Desire Eye. There’s a big difference, as the One M8 line is the premium/flagship line-up, while the Desire is placed somewhat below (despite everything, and sometimes comparable specs).

Second, as you can see in the image below — while talking about it, we need to mention that we can’t vouch for its veracity — it is hinted that the Eye would pack a 13MP front-facing camera. Now, that would make it definitely a “selfie phone”, not that HTC’s front-facer offerings would be among the worst on the market. We can also discern a front-facing flash (about time), and some other details, like the color options (hinted in the image at the top).

With all this being out there, let us know what you’d prefer: a swiveling camera like on OPPO N-series devices, or a large camera with flash (and the resulting bezels), as hinted by today’s leak?


Source: Twitter (@Upleaks)

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