HTC Evo 4G Gets Sense 3.0 via Custom ROM

With the recent ROM leaks for HTC Kingdom, Doubleshot, and Sensation, all of which run HTC’s latest Sense 3.0, developers have been hard at work porting aspects of the ROM to other devices. While this ROM is brought over from the HTC Kingdom, a port is also underway for the Doubleshot ROM and Sensation ROM as well.

Sense 3.0 comes to HTC’s Evo 4G thanks to a port from the HTC Kingdom ROM done by XDA member XxXViRuSXxX. As is typical with initial releases of ported ROMs, there are a number of minor to moderate issues with the ROM such as the weather app not functioning properly (the widget appears to function properly as shown in the screenshot above) and the video camera force closing during video recording. The majority of features work well however, and the first release is nearly high enough quality for day to day usage.

Unfortunately due to immense popularity the ROM thread is currently closed (the ROM itself remains available for download). Look for a new thread to be started shortly in the Evo 4G Android Development section devoted to the new ROM.

Source: XDA

Via: XDA Portal

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