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HTC EVO 3D Drops a Boatload of FCC Docs

By Stephen Schenck June 3, 2011, 2:04 am

HTC’s EVO 3D on Sprint should be here in a matter of weeks, so it’s a good thing the smartphone finally got around to putting in an appearance with the good folks at the FCC, where it dropped a whole load of information, including some rarely-seen electrical schematics.

In fact, the HTC cover letter it submitted to the FCC requested that the electrical schematics it divulged be withheld from publication. Either it’s talking about a physical schematic rather than the logical one we’re seeing, or someone messed up, because there are forty-three pages of circuit diagrams included with the phone’s paperwork. Granted, none of this is terribly useful to anyone outside the industry, but it’s still pretty cool to take a look through if you’re a smartphone geek like us.

All the expected paperwork is here, like certification for operation on Sprint’s WiMAX bands, clearing the phone for US operation as soon as Sprint starts selling it. Last we heard of that, June 24 was looking like a potential launch date. If you’ve just got to have one of these glasses-free-3D, quarter HD resolution, 3D picture-taking, dual-core bad boys, pre-orders are already open. We expect the EVO 3D to end up going for about $200 on-contract.

Source: FCC

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