The Duo Camera arrangement on the new HTC One M8 is something unlike anything we’re used to from smartphone imaging, marrying the phone’s primary camera with a secondary sensor that can be used to calculate distance info. On the One M8 as it shipped, HTC’s software takes advantage of that depth data to pull off some visual effects like selective blurring or the application of more stylistic filters. Is that all there is to this feature, though? HTC would love to see what other minds can come up with, and so today releases its Dual Lens SDK Preview.

The SDK consists of two APIs, the DualLens API which generates the depth mask used to apply these selective effects, and the DimensionPlus API for allowing apps to read images with this depth info already saved from the M8’s cameras. HTC throws in sample code and all the documentation devs should need to get started with crafting apps that take full advantage of the M8’s imaging hardware.

Now that this is out there, we’re curious to see what the community manages to come up with. Surely, some ambitious soul must be wondering if he or she can cook-up a passable Project Tango clone, turning your M8 into a 3D scanner. Maybe some augmented reality jazz? Asking devs to commit time and effort to crafting code that will only run on one device may be a tall order, but we’re hoping that at least some take HTC up on this offer.

Source: HTC

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