HTC’s Droid Incredible 2 joins the ranks of fully modifiable Android devices today, receiving the trifecta of unlocks for HTC devices with S-OFF (security off), permanent root access, and CWM (ClockWorkMod) recovery. The hack is brought to us by the Netherlands-based team “AlphaRev” who have released similar hacks for other HTC devices in the past. These modifications enable the development of custom ROMs such as the popular CyanogenMod 7.

S-ON (also known as @secuflag) is a security measure implemented by HTC that blocks the ability to write to the smartphone’s flash memory, preventing modifications such as root or changes to the ROM to persist through a reboot even if temporary root access has been obtained. S-ON applies this write protection to the /system and /recovery partitions, in addition to the kernel image. With S-OFF, which is typically achieved through the use of a pre-release engineering HBOOT, the kernel can be flashed to a modified version with permanent root access unlocked. S-OFF also allows CWM to be flashed to the recovery, which in turn allows a custom ROM to be flashed to the device.

AlphaRev has not yet released the software to load the modified images to the device, putting it through it’s final rounds of testing before then. The page (linked below) is currently a placeholder and will be updated with the software once it is made available.

Source: XDA (1),(2),(3),(4), AlphaRev

Via: Droid-Life

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