Up until now, the updates we’ve been seeing for Windows Phone 7 (or not seeing, for those still awaiting NoDo) have been from Microsoft and have eventually made their way to smartphones from all WP7 manufacturers. HTC may be about to step away from the pack, as there are reports right now of an update that’s specific to only HTC models, currently going out to phones.

There isn’t any information available yet as to just what the update contains, but multiple users have reported receiving notification that it’s available. Don’t get too alarmed that we’re looking at the start of Windows Phone 7 fragmentation, as the changes in store could very well be of the minor, bugfix variety.

The really interesting thing about this “HTC update for Windows Phone” is that the users who claim to have access to it are the same ones who have run the ChevronWP7.Updater tool to get NoDo early. We had been concerned that, with a future Samsung update rumored for the Focus, phones that the tool had worked its magic upon might be shut out from future updates, requiring you to backtrack to an earlier state. When Chris Walsh pulled the tool after Microsoft’s dire warnings, those fears grew. This update, at least, seems to have no problem with upgraded handsets.

Have any HTC WP7 users received this update? Please let us know how it goes for you and what changes it brings. We’ll update the rest of you as we learn more.

Source: The Unwired

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