HTC Desire Z with AT&T 3G Software Review (Video)

In this video we take a closer look at the software on the HTC Desire Z, the one that happens to have the bands to do AT&T 3G (if you recall, the Desire Z made it to the US in the form of the T-Mobile G2). The software on the Desire Z is very much different than the G2 because it has the full HTC Sense interface, whereas the G2 has a clean installation of Android. The new Sense interface brings a wide variety of changes like skins, new widgets, integration with, plus a vast array of minor changes in the main applications like email. Overall, we wish that you could turn off HTC Sense (previous workarounds performed through the application manager do not work) because it makes the device feel sluggish compared to the G2.

If you want an HTC Desire Z with AT&T 3G, grab one from Negri Electronics.

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