HTC Desire HD Passes FCC Yet Again, Probably Telus-Bound

HTC’s flagship Android handset, the HTC Desire HD, has gotten FCC certification for yet a third variant, with this one likely headed to Telus in Canada. The latest model to pass through the agency has model number number PD98140, which is named on the same Wi-Fi certificate as PD98120, the device which will probably end up being AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G. The original Desire HD — model number PD98100 — got FCC approval all the way back in September of last year, lacking the appropriate bands for US 3G. On the other hand, both PD98120 and PD98140 are WCDMA bands II and V compliant, making them suitable for AT&T as well as several Canadian carriers (although a Telus appearance is almost certain). How can we be sure that this latest model is destined for Canada and not AT&T? A note at the top of the test report suggests that PD98140 has had its HSPA+ functionality removed, making it unfit to sport the all-important “4G” part of Inspire 4G.

The phone known as PD98140 has yet to pass through Canada’s telecommunications regulatory body, but that’s not surprising, as even Canadian handsets show up at the FCC first.

Source: FCC

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