For a phone that’s definitely aimed at shoppers not looking for the latest smartphone flagship, HTC’s Desire 816 still manages to deliver a lot. It’s got a big HD screen, a nice, clean design, and those stereo BoomSound speakers we can’t get enough of. Anxious to get some time with the phone, we tracked it down at the MWC for a hands-on look.

While overall the specs may be unarguably mid-range, there are definitely a few high points that really make the 816 stand out, like that front-facing camera. We don’t give front-facers much more than a passing thought these days, but if more manufacturers were doing what HTC is up to here, giving the 816 a five-megapixel front-facer with a quite wide-angle lens, we might soon find our attitudes shifting. Other perks like support for microSD might even give the 816 a leg up over certain more prominent Androids. Check out the clip for our full impressions.

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