Considering its recent software support strides, HTC would probably deserve to finally return to profits or at least stop bleeding such big money. But the tech market isn’t always just, and some wounds take a lot of time to heal.

The Taiwanese device manufacturer very rarely impressed with the quality – pricing ratios of its low to mid-end models, and at first, the Desire 626 and 626s were no exception. After several discounts, however, and a relatively early (all things considered) Android 6.0 update, the latter feels like a solid bargain on Sprint via Best Buy or Amazon, at $42 and $49 respectively.

That’s with prepaid plans, of course, but it’s still extremely cheap for a 720p, quad-core 5-incher packing 1.5GB RAM. Marshmallow goodies now delivered over-the-air should help iron out any Lollipop-specific kinks (and there were a few decidedly nagging ones), while Google Now on Tap will bring you relevant information on hand quicker sans having to ask.

You’ll also be able to better control app permissions, easily manage Google settings, quickly reset network settings in need, and set up microSD cards as internal storage. Speaking of, you’ll want to free up as much space as possible before installing Android Marshmallow on the Sprint HTC Desire 626s, and ensure you got sufficient juice in the tank. Enjoy!

Source: HTC US
Via: Android Police

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