HTC officially slates ‘edgy’ Desire 10-presenting ‘virtual’ event for September 20

HTC will go all in on 10 this holiday season (no, the One A9s doesn’t count), with a pair of mid-range Desires likely providing more affordable choice for Android enthusiasts turned off by the high-end HTC 10’s unfriendly bang for buck.

Already rendered by the most authoritative of mobile leakers, and teased for September 20 announcements again and again, the HTC Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle are today practically confirmed as coming next Tuesday.

But there’s no physical event scheduled to bring them to light (another cost-cutting measure for the struggling Taiwanese OEM?), with everyone instead invited to tune in on and check out a “virtual launch” starting at 8am BST.

That’s London time, so clearly, the old continent is the primary target of the 5.5-inch Marshmallow-powered smartphone duo, with 8am BST converting to an inhospitable 3am EDT and midnight PDT. It’s also going to be 3pm Taiwan time, 5pm in Australia, and 12:30pm in New Delhi, so strong marketing pushes around those parts are probably to be expected as well.

HTC’s official September 20 “virtual event” invitation, by the way, only reveals the incoming device or devices will be edgy, aka feature stylish chamfered edges, just like the flagship 10. Good thing we have plenty of scoop on specs.

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