Last month, HTC told us about the J Butterfly, coming to Japan. For its US release, that hardware metamorphosized into the Droid DNA, which had its official unveiling earlier this week. What about everyone else, though? Where’s their five-inch 1080p Android? A new leak seeks to reveal just how that handset will arrive, showing-off the HTC Deluxe.

From the front, at least, the Deluxe closely aligns with what we’ve seen of the J Butterfly and the Droid DNA, though the coloring up top may be a little closer to the former. The one really stand-out change is the switch to red-colored Android capacitive buttons. That’s a stylistic choice we’ve seen HTC make before, like it did with the One X+. It’s just a little ironic to see it on the international version of the handset but not on Verizon’s edition, being the carrier’s signature color, and all.

We still lack full details on the Deluxe’s hardware, but expect it to be relatively unchanged from its brother models – but of course with an appropriate radio. We’d love to see it launch before the year’s out, but again, that’s part of the Deluxe’s story that remains a mystery for now.

Source: evleaks

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