We know Apple is slowly cutting back on component orders from rival phone-and-tablet-maker Samsung; this decision is somewhat understandable knowing all the bad blood between the two companies which goes way beyond competition on the market. HTC, which recently reported further profit loss, is allegedly doing the same.

According to reports the Taiwanese manufacturer is slightly shifting it procurement strategy away from Samsung, ordering¬†CMOS image sensors from OmniVision and Sony. Part of AMOLED screen orders are now going to AU Optronics (but sources claim that Samsung is still shipping panels to HTC which is trying to avoid a shortage in displays from only one maker). While HTC and Samsung don’t meet up in court rooms on a regular basis the two companies are direct competitors on the market, regardless if we’re talking about Google’s Android or Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.x and 8.

Source: DigiTimes

Via: BGR


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