HTC Connect app extends Apple AirPlay support to older One M-series flagships

There’s nothing wrong with owning and cherishing devices from different “ecosystems”, but sometimes, it can be a little inconvenient and counter-intuitive. For instance, you still can’t pair an Apple Watch to an Android handheld.

Meanwhile, no Android phones or tablets are compatible with Cupertino’s AirPlay protocol, so wirelessly streaming media from, say, a Galaxy S7 to an Apple TV requires a lot of jumping through hoops, installing third-party apps or even hacking your out-the-box version of Google’s OS.

Check that, very few Androids play nice with AirPlay. Namely, the HTC 10, which we just reviewed and fell madly in love with, as well as the One M9, One M8, and One M7. Yes, cross-platform users, there’s now an easy and official way to push music stored on your aging flagship HTC to an iPad or Apple-manufactured set-top box.

All you need to do is download the free updated HTC Connect app from Google Play, and watch the magic happen. It remains unclear if both audio and video streaming are supported, with the former guaranteed and the latter likely requiring some additional work. Either way, this is an important first step for closer Android – iOS integration and collaboration. Your move, Samsung.

Source: Android Central

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