HTC ChaCha Pictured for AT&T

Here is the HTC ChaCha “Facebook phone” as it will look when released by AT&T. Not much has changed since the QWERTY candybar was announced at Mobile World Congress in February, although there are a few noticable differences. Besides the fact that the Facebook button itself continues to evolve, we can see that the function keys have been both re-colored and slightly rearranged. Also, it appears as if this model will not be a so-called 4G HSPA+ handset, at least according to the 3G icon in the screenshot.

If that leaked mini-roadmap we saw turns out to be accurate, ChaCha should start shipping stateside by the end of this quarter, which is quickly approaching. However, the screenshot shows a date of Sunday, July 17th, which is often a telling milestone in the lifecycle of HTC devices (note the MWC launch date on the global version pictured above).

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