Many of us still bleed in green when it comes to HTC. Seeing the company that grew with us through our geek years into financial distress is just heart breaking. That said, it seems that the company was really doing something bolder than just reaching an agreement with Apple recently. After years of legal battles between the two, they’ve finally reached consensus on how to handle products in the future, and even though it’s estimated that HTC will pay Apple $6 to $8 per smartphone sold, Peter Chou has dismissed the exact amount. We do know that the legal battles did enough harm to HTC’s pocket while they lasted, so it’s great to see things have finally landed into a deal that works for both companies. The point is that now HTC can freely work on building their next batch of smartphone innovation, and according to recent statements, that’s exactly what they’ll do in 2013.

HTC China president Ray Yam believes that the deal will begin to show its benefits in 2013. In his statement he confirmed that HTC headquarters have instructed their employees to take “broader steps” when it comes to their 2013 smartphone line-up. He also revealed that the company has made important changes to their marketing, sales and product strategy in order to make 2013 their year.

It’s hard to predict on how early this will happen. HTC doesn’t really have much press exposure at CES 2013, so our biggest bet is MWC in Barcelona as they always do and we’ll keep you up-to-speed on anything that happens as we cover both events.

Via: BGR

Source: Focus Taiwan

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