HTC Bresson Is a 16-Megapixel Windows Phone 7 for T-Mobile

HTC Bresson, just revealed by This is my next as being on T-Mobile’s roadmap, is the 16-megapixel Windows Phone 7 handset we recently saw a commercial for. According to the blog, Bresson is coming “beyond” the September 2011 timeframe, making it sound like a holiday release is in the cards — and thus a likely Windows Phone 7.5 Mango build. Note that the hardware being displayed here is almost definitely just a placeholder for the real Bresson, as it seems to be little more than a modified Desire S.

Besides Bresson, we’re also expecting HTC to bring the Ignite slate and Prime QWERTY slider to the WP7 family this year, although carriers for those devices (if they are coming to the US at all) remain a mystery. Bresson will likely only be rivaled in the megapixel count by the Altek Leo and Nokia N9/N950, whose premiere teaser advertisement we spotted earlier today. However, as many observers have noted, pixel count alone is not the most significant factor in determining picture quality.

P.S. HTC seems to be getting into paying tribute to individuals with some recent codenames: Bresson was a French photographer, while Puccini and Verdi were Italian composers.

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