There’s nothing right now to indicate that HTC is working on anything mind-blowing or groundbreaking or buzzword buzzword buzzword, but perhaps we should be looking for something, right? No, we’re not talking about another Desire phone. In fact, what we’re talking about may not be even a phone at all.

HTC has applied for a trademark in the US, protecting the term “HTC BOLT,” on September 2.

We can’t tie this to HTC and Verizon’s first LTE smartphone, the Thunderbolt, nor can we even say that the Bolt is such a device as the word mark can be applied to a variety of wireless and mobile devices as well as accessories like “batteries, power adaptors(sic), chargers, cases for mobile phones,” so on and so forth.

It is unlikely, though, that word mark applications to “Goods & Services” would be inclusive, generic blocks of text — meaning that when HTC lists “mobile phones, smartphones,” and other terms, it would have strong reason and motive to use the “Bolt” name on those products.

Let’s see if the Bolt strikes back.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office
Via: TheDroidGuy

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