A long overdue sequel of sorts for the troubled 2011-released, Verizon-exclusive ThunderBolt? Not with Sprint as HTC’s only US carrier backer “confirmed” to date. Diminutive HTC 10 carbon copy? Not with a 5.5-inch display, and traditional headphone jack out of the audio connectivity equation. Own-brand Pixel XL then? Well, no, given the chamfered edges and general design language shared with the 10.

And now confusion around the no doubt looming HTC Bolt further builds up, thanks to puzzling but plausible inside information disclosed by a very reputable Twitter tipster. According to ROM developer @LlabTooFer, the HTC “Acadia” will sport a 5.5-inch screen with WQHD, aka Wide Quad HD, QHD or Quad HD resolution, which is certainly good news.

That’s one step above a previously rumored Full HD pixel count, bringing the new tally to 2,560 x 1,440. It’s also what the HTC 10 offers, albeit in a smaller footprint and therefore with a higher ppi. But that’s not the distressing part.

Instead, the HTC Bolt is said to inexplicably swap the contemporary, beloved Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor for no, not an 821. Or even a middling but solid and modern 625. The Snapdragon 810 will apparently make an unlikely comeback in the spotlight, rekindling overheating suspicions.

We’re guessing the SoC runs nice and cool now, but it’s still an old-timer, and we wonder if it’s going to be able to support Android O next year.

Source: Twitter

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