HTC is wrapping up 2016 with an attractive phone packing an odd combination of hardware components. The Bolt looks like it’s built to similar specifications as Google’s Pixel XL, with large front bezels and a 5.5″ display. Then you notice the front fingerprint sensor, the larger angles and edges, larger camera module, and you realize this isn’t just a re-badged Pixel. There’s a definite feeling that this is a mash-up of previous phones like the HTC 10 and the A9.

Yet there are some design decisions which give us pause. HTC removed the headphone jack on this device. We also see that HTC decided on an older chipset, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, which gave several manufacturers (HTC included) some problems with performance and heat management. Sprint is using this device as a showcase for the newest LTE advancements on its network, but will that be enough of a draw to balance out a few of these compromises?

Before we can review this beauty, we have to get it out of the box. Here’s our HTC Bolt first impressions!

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