They say that security through obscurity is none at all, and when it comes to protecting WiFi networks, there’s no substitution for using proper up-to-date encryption with a strong key. That said, there’s no sense in making things easier for anyone potentially trying to tap into your network, so many of us also use MAC filtering or choose not to broadcast the network’s SSID. That latter choice can cause headaches for Windows Phone 7 users, with no way to select a network to join if it’s in this “invisible” state. HTC just came out with a fix, courtesy of its Hidden Wi-Fi app.

The free WP7 application lets you specify the names of three WiFi networks which don’t broadcast SSIDs, great for if you travel between networks that use similar security settings. After manually entering them in, you’ll then be able to connect as if they were standard networks.

While some users are reporting success with the tool, others, even running NoDo, are asked to “please update your phone to the latest software.” It looks like this one may require the post-NoDo HTC-specific update from last week in order to work properly; if you have success or failure using it, please let us know about your experience. The app is available in the Windows Phone Marketplace now, free of charge.

Source: WMPoweruser

Thanks: Andrew

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