The HTC Android 9 Pie update, according to the manufacturer, should be delivered to the HTC U11, HTC U11+, HTC U11 Life and HTC U12+. While other, much larger manufacturers, like Samsung, are planning some of their Pie updates for early next year, HTC managed to keep at least some of its user base happy. The Taiwanese phone-maker has started pushing out the latest version of the OS to some of its phones.

Reports are coming in that the HTC Android 9 Pie update is landing on the HTC U11 Life. This makes the U11 Life, according to current reports, the first HTC phone to get a taste of Google’s latest dessert. It’s probably because it runs Android One version, and there’s less tinkering with the OS for a phone that runs an unmodified operating system. Still, it’s interesting to see a phone that’s one year old get the latest version of Android, and not the HTC U12+, which is the current flagship.

However, now that the gates are open, we expect to see more and more HTC devices get their Pie updates soon.

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