Android 4.3 is very likely just around the corner, and while we’ve seen the platform running on Nexus devices, which is no big surprise, the more pertinent question may be which non-Google models will be seeing their own updates to 4.3 arrive. There’s a list going around which purports to reveal some of HTC’s update strategy, but we’ve got more than a few questions about just how accurate it may be.

The list in question first surfaced nearly a week ago, but it’s only really making the rounds now. As you can see, it identifies both whether or not 4.3 will be coming to specific models, and gives a general ETA for when those devices that will be seeing an update might hope for it to arrive – at the moment, every model apparently confirmed is set for Q4 2013 update availability.

So, what’s wrong? Well, for starters, the site that first posted this info offers nothing in regards to its provenance – not even a vague claim of coming from “people close to the matter.”

Then there’s the question of the data itself. Some key models are missing – while the list mentions both international devices like the HTC Butterfly and carrier specific ones like the Fireball/Droid Incredible 4G LTE on Verizon, it’s missing high-profile models like the Droid DNA. Where’s the HTC First?

Some of the info also seems to contradict things we already know. For instance, this says the Desire HD is getting 4.3. That would be astonishing, considering the long, ultimately unfortunate tale last year of why HTC changed its mind about bringing ICS to the phone. Why the heck would Android 4.3 suddenly drive HTC to change course about Desire HD updates, a year after the fact?

So, while our head is screaming “none of this makes sense,” it’s also a pretty weird thing to go to the trouble of faking. For the moment, we’re filing this under “highly dubious.”

Device Name Android 4.3 Update Release Date
HTC One Yes Q4 2013
HTC One X+ LTE(HTC Evitare) Yes Q4 2013
HTC One X (HTC Evita) Yes Q4 2013
HTC Fireball (Verizon)
HTC Jewel Yes Q4 2013
HTC Totem C2(HTC One VX) Yes Q4 2013
HTC One S (HTC Ville) No
HTC Valente Yes Q4 2013
HTC Desire V No
HTC Desire X No
HTC Butterfly Yes Q4 2013
HTC Desire HD Yes Q4 2013
HTC One XL Yes Q4 2013
HTC Hero No
HTC Incredible S No
HTC Desire Z No

Source: Technos Amigos
Via: Android Guys

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