That HTC Hima, with some slightly-more-detailed specs that just leaked, sure is sounding like the HTC smartphone to beat early next year. And while it may have the flagship space locked-down, there’s plenty of room in the manufacturer’s lineup for some new mid-rangers to help add some flesh blood to the Desire family. We may have an early look at how one such model will come together, as a new rumor attempts to describe HTC’s model A12.

In contrast to the full-HD, Snapdragon-810-powered Hima, the A12 would arrive with a 4.7-inch HD screen (so, 720p, we assume) and with a Snapdragon 410 at the wheel. The phone could get 1GB of RAM (no word on storage capacity), an 8MP main camera, and a 1.3MP front-facer – clearly, this is no Desire Eye with super-selfie capabilities. Its battery would also be a little on the small side, coming in at a meek 2100mAh. Even the software might not be where we’d like it to be (especially for a 2015 model), right now supposed to arrive running Android 4.4.

The best news might be that concerning the A12’s release: it’s rumored to launch in February, rather than alongside Hima a month later, and carrier interest could included the big four in the US – not super-surprising considering HTC’s recent track record, but still good news for smartphone shoppers who like to keep their options open.

Source: Upleaks
Via: Phone Dog

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