With October finally here, we’re really coming down to the wire on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 launch, and the retail availability of the various hardware we’ve seen so far. Lately, that’s meant getting the opportunity to spot some of this new gear out in the wild, as companies put these devices through some last-minute testing. We saw a Nokia Lumia 920 last week, presumably in the hands of a Microsoft employee, and this week we switch gears over to HTC, where it looks like the company’s new Windows Phone 8X is out on the streets of San Francisco for some testing of its own.

This array here, with all its strapped-down 8X handsets, is reportedly in deployment to evaluate signal strength and reception quality. That’s why this rig is constructed largely of wood and plastic, with a minimum amount of metal.

In other 8X news, HTC just published a promotional video for its new Windows Phone 8 hardware, showcasing the 8X. Of particular note here is the 4G icon displayed at the top of the phone’s screen; although we could make certain assumptions based on the carriers expected to offer the 8X, HTC has been keeping word of the phone’s LTE capabilities quiet.

Source: HTC (YouTube), WPCentral
Via: phoneArena, WMPoweruser

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