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HTC 7 Mozart SD Card Memory Replacement The Hard Way

By Anton D. Nagy November 8, 2010, 3:08 am

Ever since we’re heard about Windows Phone 7 handset specifications, many users were unhappy when it came to devices that featured 8GB of storage, besides the general complaint around the support and ability to upgrade memory cards with the new OS.

While stock 8GB would most probably be enough for some, for sure it will be a small storage capacity for others and with people constantly trying to upgrade and improve, it was just a matter of time till someone completely dismantled a Windows Phone 7 device seeking a way for more storage. The HTC 7 Mozart is a tough nut to crack. The memory is replaceable alright, but most definitely not without voiding the warranty. It comes packed with an 8GB SanDisk Micro SD Class 4 that is buried deep under the case and some layers of plastic and electronics but hey, it’s there, just like it is with the HTC HD7 (well, not that deep here). We don’t recommend you try to do what Andy Hamilton did but if you decide you still want to go for it, there’s a rather extensive tutorial on how to do it.

Source: Life in the Fast Lane

Thanks: Salman

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