HTC 7 Melody, HTC Freestyle May Be Upcoming Smartphones

So we were just taking a little stroll through the US Patent and Trademark Office archives when we happened upon a pair of applications from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC that caught our eye: the company is looking to trademark the names “HTC 7 Melody” and “HTC Freestyle.” The applications were filed on August 19th and October 21st, respectively, and neither have been granted marks yet: Freestyle has yet to be assigned to an examiner, while 7 Melody apparently required a re-filing to clarify the use of the number seven. The revised application explains that “7 appearing in the mark means or signifies the operating system of the phone in the relevant trade or industry or as applied to the goods/services listed in the application.” Not that there was really any doubt, but this statement seems to solidify the fact that we’re looking at a Windows Phone 7 handset here.

Beyond the names, unfortunately, nothing is known about these products; neither photos nor descriptions beyond the generic “cellphone” are included with the applications. For some reason we suspect that Melody might be an American Mozart, but that’s probably just due to the similar structure of the two words. It’s now up to the hivemind to locate and provide more information.

Also of note is the fact that HTC recently applied for a “Trophy” trademark — probably in anticipation of the Verizon release we’ve heard about — while at the same time filing an official claim of abandonment for the mark “HTC EVO Shift 4G,” possibly signifying a rebranding of whatever phone that moniker once referred to.

Source: USPTO

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