Let more of the rumors we want to read begin. Just when you were wondering what HTC’s strategy for 2013 would be, we got an early glimpse at a more aggressive company during the year, and now some more leaks confirm the rumors. If each of the following lines stands for a specific smartphone or variant, we’re looking at a 2013 with as many as 35 devices. Again, we don’t expect HTC to launch five different M7 models for example, but they’ll definitely launch the M7 in different variants that make it compatible with specific LTE carriers, sine we already know that LTE is still a nightmare.

  • CP3DCG
  • CP3DTG
  • CP3DUG
  • ERA_U
  • JET
  • K2_CL
  • K2_WL
  • K2_PLC_CL
  • M7_U
  • M7_WL
  • M7_WLJ
  • M7_WLV
  • M7DCG
  • M7C_DTU
  • PDLU

Now a device that already exists from the list is the Deluxe, which we already know as the HTC Droid DNA we recently reviewed, or the HTC Butterfly. Three variants were launched and that matches the amount of Deluxe devices mentioned in the list.

Now have a look at the HTC Quattro returning to the rumors. Some speculated this was a tablet and it could be the case that HTC is returning to this product category for 2013.

It’s hard to tell which of the devices on the list are Windows Phones and which are Android devices, or if HTC will begin exploration on other platforms, but everything points out to a very aggressive year for HTC, and we’ll admit it’s something we’ve waited too long for. Sadly we don’t expect much action to happen at CES 2013 unless HTC plans to use carrier events to launch devices, but we’ll definitely be there to give you the inside scoop as it happens.

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Source: HTCSoku

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