Official Android 8.0 Oreo updates halted for HTC 10 and Xiaomi Mi A1

With CES 2018 announcements in full swing, it was pretty easy to miss Google’s latest refresh of official Android distribution figures last week, where the software platform’s newest flavor jumped from a 0.5 percent share back in early December to 0.7.

That’s still a depressingly low number, considering Oreo is now almost five months old, and the blame has to be divided equally between Big G and the search giant’s many hardware-making partners.

Don’t just condemn slow OEMs either, as a buggy update can sometimes make users angrier than no update at all. We don’t know exactly what’s happening, or if there’s any connection between recent widespread issues, but way too many of the few Oreo updates floating around are hitting mysterious snags.

After delaying the Android 8.0 rollout for U11 units in Europe, HTC dropped another ball, this time stateside, starting and then quickly suspending the major OS promotion of the OG HTC 10.

For what it’s worth, it seems as though over-the-air upgrades never commenced, with manual online downloads and installations no longer possible, as too many bugs were likely reported right off the bat.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi needed a little more time to realize the majority of Mi A1 owners was actually dissatisfied with the Oreo jump. After beta tests kicked off around a month ago, a gradual official update was underway right before the New Year, but unfortunately, unexpected battery depletion and many performance issues of various types offset all the new functionality and (theoretical) improvements.

It’s back to 7.1 Nougat for owners of the affordable Android One 5.5-incher for the time being, and if this instability continues, Oreo may not cross the one-percent share barrier next month either.

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