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HTC 10 vs iPhone 6s: Is Popularity A Better Buy?

By Jaime Rivera May 13, 2016, 10:33 pm

The debate between iPhones and Android phones has existed since their inception, but choosing between the best has never been more complicated.

It only takes a few visits to any public area to notice just how popular the iPhone is. Apple’s marketing power is iconic, and its results can be seen in the wide acceptance of most of its products. The story is a very different for HTC. The company is known for pioneering the first Android phone, and also for its design and innovation, but its meager marketing has left its products with little credit for it. Comparing these in sales figures alone would have the iPhone win by knock out, but not necessarily because it’s a better product.

Watch our comparison video of the HTC 10 vs iPhone 6s to learn more.

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