HTC 10 goes up for pre-orders stateside directly from the OEM at $700

With the Galaxy S7 duo already out for a full month in both North America and Europe, and the LG G5 commercially released nearly a couple of weeks back, HTC clearly can’t afford to keep prospective buyers of its own new flagship phone waiting. At least not for long.

Thankfully, the ailing Taiwanese manufacturer appears to have finally learned from past mistakes, putting the HTC 10 up for pre-orders in the US minutes after its formal introduction. Unfortunately, deliveries and actual sales are still only slated to begin in “early May”, at which point the stylish handheld’s fierce rivals might be able to cross the 20 million box-office milestone.

In addition to carrier-unlocked variants, you can get the HTC 10 designed specifically for T-Mobile or AT&T use. No Verizon or Sprint models? That’s odd, though you probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions, as the handsome 5.2-incher is likely headed for all big four American operators… eventually.

When that happens, we also expect the price to be dropped, since the $700 charged on feels a little rich for our blood. This is 2016, not 2015, HTC, and you either lower your ask or bundle a bunch of freebies in. That see-through new Ice View case would be a good starting point.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the HTC 10 is available in Carbon Grey and Glacier Silver paint jobs at the moment, with the Topaz Gold flavor presumably coming a little ways down the line. Any early adopters tuning in?

Source: HTC

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