Not only has the HTC 10 been formally introduced significantly later than the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5, but the beveled flagship also took longer to reach stores, including stateside, making it that much harder to overturn the company’s long-struggling financials all of a sudden.

Worse yet, the second largest of America’s big four carriers has no intention to sell the 5.2-incher itself, though it’ll of course support GSM unlocked variants. Meanwhile, killer deals like the S7 and G5 BOGO arrangements offered on several networks shortly after their launches are nowhere to be found for the HTC 10.

Last but not least, the phone feels slightly overpriced too, especially when pitted against its direct contenders, going for $648 on Verizon, $624 through Sprint soon enough, and $680 at T-Mobile. Seriously, Magenta, that’s the best you can do after all the waiting?

Well, the “Uncarrier” does try to sweeten the deal a little, throwing in free Rapid Charger and Ice View accessories worth a combined $85 between May 18 and 24. Still, it’s hard to recommend paying $28.34 a month for two years for this thing as a smart investment.

Granted, you’re looking at hands down the OEM’s most outstanding slab ever, with stellar build quality, camera, hardware and overall user experience grades. But you have to wonder about the bang for buck factor also. If it feels right, pull the trigger at T-Mo starting next Wednesday, May 18. If it doesn’t, maybe wait for the inevitable onslaught of BOGO promotions.

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