The HTC 10 is a work in progress. At the time this video was produced, it was still only available for pre-order, and units had not yet shipped to consumers. Given that reviewers had access to pre-release software, we wanted to see how HTC would respond to early criticisms focused on camera performance.

This camera represents a significant departure from last year’s One m9. Like Samsung, HTC is also walking away from the megapixel wars, reducing resolution to 12MP, while increasing sensor size. This brings us back to the Ultrapixel moniker, and those larger individual dots are designed to do a better job of soaking up light. The camera specs look good on paper, showcasing optical image stabilization, laser focus assistance, UHD video, manual photo controls, RAW capture, and slow motion video. The HTC 10 also scored top marks from DXO for sensor performance, in a virtual tie against the Galaxy S7.

A camera is more than just the sensor though. Looking at exposure, focus speed, saturation, bokeh, and low light performance, we’ve put the 10 through its paces. Now that new software has arrived, has HTC delivered on their claims that this camera is amazing? It’s time for our HTC 10 real camera review!

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