HTC starts handing out free USB Type-C cables to direct HTC 10 buyers

HTC probably can’t afford to be quite as gracious with early adopters of its newest flagship phone as the free Gear VR-offering Samsung, though the 10 was sold at $100 off list for a limited time a while ago.

Even better, all purchases of unlocked models from the OEM’s US e-store, including no-interest financing options, net you free UH OH protection against accidental water damage and screen cracks during your first 12 months of HTC 10 ownership.

Then you have carrier-specific savings, like Verizon’s recent $100 off deal, or T-Mobile’s Ice View case and rapid charger freebies, and last but not least, HTC threw in a complimentary Re Camera on Memorial Day. Not so stingy after all, eh?

Not in the slightest, it turns out, with select customers also treated to one more “small token of appreciation” for their pre-orders back in the day. Small, apparently, wasn’t a figure of speech, as the special package currently shipped out to lucky HTC 10 users merely contains a USB Type-C cable.

That’s still better than nothing, and it’s likely worth around $20, albeit we’re not sure if it’s 3.1 or at least 3.0 spec-compliant. A 2.0 cord would obviously be slower for data transfer while conveniently reversible nonetheless. Sad to not be getting a pricier Ice View cover for free instead, or happy with anything HTC throws your way?

Source: Android Central
Via: GSM Arena

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