Buy an HTC 10 from the OEM this week, get free Jabra or Pro Studios headset

HTC’s generosity knows no bounds, it seems, at least when it comes to the company’s newest flagship phone, also seen as its prospective financial savior. For that to happen, of course, the HTC 10 has to be competitively priced, which isn’t really the case with the $100 coupon code from a while back no longer valid.

On the bright side, Memorial Day buyers were offered complimentary Re Cameras, and now, folks in the market for a nice Father’s Day present can get one of two headsets bundled with the HTC 10 at no extra charge.

Through Sunday, May 19, you have the choice between an unnamed Jabra audio accessory and in-ear HTC Pro Studios headphones, technically valued at “up to $99”, but likely available for less if you know where to look.

It almost goes without saying this is yet another US-limited deal good only on the Android device manufacturer’s official website, as is the case for $50 UA HealthBox and $20 UA Band discounts. Also until May 19, the latter wrist-worn activity tracker costs $160 instead of $180, while the former wellness package sets you back $350, down from its list price of $400.

Source: HTC US

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