While it’s obviously too late for the HTC 10 to fulfill its original destiny and help return the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer to glory or at least industry relevance, it’s not too late to challenge LG’s failed G5 modular experiment in extreme affordability one year after launch.

The only US carrier directly selling and properly supporting this bad boy’s “squeezable” sequel is now asking a measly $240 of interested HTC 10 buyers, whether we’re talking outright purchases or the grand total after 24 monthly payments with $0 upfront.

Yup, you can order a still-beautiful 5.2-inch Quad HD slab made entirely of premium metal, chamfered contour, dual-textured finish and all, from the “Now Network” sans committing a single penny off the bat, after which you’ll merely cough up 10 bucks every 30 days for two years.

Or escape all that hassle, and just plunk down an affordable $240. The deal is even valid in brick and mortar stores for non-Sprint subscribers, and if you know where to look, unlocking the device for full use on a different operator isn’t particularly troublesome.

Of course, you could always pick up the officially unlocked, AT&T and T-Mobile-compatible HTC 10 from the OEM’s local e-shop… at a whopping $599, or head over to Best Buy for a Sprint-specific version costing $26 a month, amounting to an even steeper $624.

$240 sounds pretty good now, huh?

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