Most smartphone flagships follow a pretty predictable pattern with their pricing over time. First the phone debuts with a relatively high price tag, as the manufacturer attempts to establish just how much their desirable new hardware is worth. Maybe carriers will knock a little off that figure (depending on how alluring the handset is, and correspondingly capable of getting them new subscribers), but the high launch price will likely stick around for a few months, before real, lasting discounts start arriving. And over the course of the next year, the price drops further still, in an interest to move stock before the hot new model arrives. Today HTC just announced its latest top-shelf handset, but it’s not interested in making early adopters pay full price; instead, it would rather reward them. To that end, it’s sending out coupon codes that give shoppers a cool $100 off the HTC 10’s price.

These codes were distributed to existing owners of HTC devices who had created HTC Account profiles, but so far we haven’t heard of any restrictions on use, and they’re clearly not one-time-use codes, so if you’re looking to place an order, give one a shot:

Shoppers in the US can score $100 off an HTC 10 with coupon code HTC1008, while Canadian customers can use code HTCCA1008 for a similar deal. Over in the UK, the savings are a little more conservative, but you can get 50 GBP off with coupon code HTC10.

For any of these to work, you’ll have to place your HTC 10 order directly with HTC, rather than getting your phone from a carrier.

We haven’t heard a specific expiration date for these codes, but it looks like HTC intends to shut them down around the same time the HTC 10 finally starts shipping next month. We’re not sure precisely when that will be, so order now if you don’t want to miss out.

Source: Android Central

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