Take a look at some of those leaked HTC 10 hardware pics, and if you had been a big fan of the dual front-facing stereo BoomSound speakers of One-series flagships past, you might be finding yourself pretty seriously disappointed: where’d its speakers go? There’s that one very vanilla-looking earpiece up top, and and a fat lot of nothing down below. But that hasn’t stopped HTC from teasing the phone with promises of big BoomSound sound, and the imagery it used sure suggested that stereo sound would return – even if that meant moving the bottom speaker to the phone’s edge. While we still don’t have full details on what HTC’s cooking up, the company’s got a brand new video teaser for us to check out, one that shares a little more about what to expect from the HTC 10’s BoomSound output.

HTC calls itself “obsessed with sound” in the video emphasizing the incredible audio fidelity users can look forward to from the new flagship. While hearing will ultimately be believing, the strong implication here is BoomSound isn’t going to be an afterthought with the HTC 10, and any of those earlier concerns about speaker placement may prove to be inconsequential.

All HTC’s talk of hi-res audio could be hinting at a super-charged, high-sample-rate DAC, along with other hardware designed to help the phone handle the best recordings you can throw at it. We don’t know if the HTC 10 will be up to the task of directly competing with an LG G5 equipped its Hi-Fi Plus add-on, but if HTC can do out of the box what LG requires a pricy accessory for, HTC may just be able to snag the audiophile segment of the smartphone-buying crowd.



Source: HTC (Twitter)

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