HTC 10 shines in bend, scratch and burn tests, impressing with its durability

HTC has two aces up its sleeve prospectively capable of turning the company’s recent financial misfortune around, both of which left a very good impression on Jaime Rivera, our resident hardware reviewer extraordinaire.

Of course, reviews only take into account the way a device looks and behaves at a first glance (often, a second and third too), while a potential customer might want to know if a handsome phone can preserve its integrity and robustness for the entirety of a traditional two-year ownership cycle.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything aims to simulate some of the torture the HTC 10 could undergo in normal and extreme usage over a long period of time, trying his best to bend, scratch, and even burn the handheld to see how it copes.

Although we generally don’t recommend carrying your mobile gadgets in the back pockets of your trousers, you probably shouldn’t worry if you accidentally sit on the HTC 10 a couple of times. The beast seems impossible to bend under a decent amount of pressure, and amazingly enough, it can make key marks magically disappear from its rear cover.

Speaking of, you could likely already tell this, but it’s nice to receive further confirmation no plastic or primer is involved in the manufacturing process. Everything here is premium metal, buttons included, and the cameras are protected with thick glass against scuffs and scratches.

The 5.2-inch Quad HD display also features Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, pretty much like all rival flagships released of late, at the very least tying the Galaxy S7 Edge in overall durability and endurance. The HTC 10 can even self-heal its screen after contact with flames, though we don’t see how something like that might come in handy in real life.

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