New HTC 10 teaser primes us for some BoomSound action

It’s been just about one month now since HTC started confirming what everyone was already talking about, and began teasing its next smartphone launch. More teasers followed over the course of March, and yesterday we finally saw the manufacturer share details about the launch event that will finally see the presumptive HTC 10 go official, scheduled for April 12. We’ve got a couple weeks to go until we get there, however, which means HTC’s got ample time to keep on teasing some of the phone’s stand-out features. Last weak that meant teasing its “world class” cameras, and today HTC does its best to get us excited about the handset’s audio performance.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding HTC 10 leaks to date has been the apparent absence of front-facing stereo speakers – so much for the famous BoomSound, right? Well, maybe not, and HTC teases “here comes the new boom” in today’s post.

What does that mean, though? Are we getting stereo speakers, after all? No promises there, but it’s worth remembering that BoomSound is a system, and more than just a pair of speakers – it also means powerful amps, as well as some sound-shaping software magic. Perhaps the HTC 10 will still deliver all those other aspects of BoomSound, even if it lacks the familiar speaker configuration.

There’s also the chance that HTC is planning to announce some audio tech with slightly tweaked branding – and that “new boom” business could suggest we’re looking at some sort of BoomSound 2.0. And what’s with all the dots and ovals in this image? They sure remind us of the speaker grilles on past HTC phones, but we’ve seen nothing like them on current HTC 10 leaks.

Check back with us on April 12 for full details of what the HTC 10 has to offer.

Source: HTC (Twitter)

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