HTC 10 accessories and new Sense UI enhancements revealed in full

The HTC 10 has a lot of things going for it. A pair of world class cameras, as promised, with OIS on both the rear and front. Excellent audio, despite the iconic BoomSound stereo speakers being effectively gone. A powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, at least in its top-shelf configuration. And the list goes on and on.

But the Taiwanese OEM takes the time to emphasize and detail in its latest press release a couple of key selling points you might otherwise choose to ignore. There’s software, on one hand, and accessories, on the other.

Now, it’s pretty obvious the HTC 10 falls significantly behind the LG G5 in terms of its “Friends’” number and convenience, as well as overall modularity. Nonetheless, the chamfered edge-sporting flagship hauls a pair of High-Res audio earphones, billed as the “best Hi-Res audio certified inbox earphones yet”, and meant to make the most of the “immersive BoomSound” experience.

Sounds great, and on a different level, so does the all-new Ice View cover, with its semi-transparent and “highly versatile single front-cover case.” This lets you do more without ever lifting its front part, including taking photos, reading text, adjusting volume, switching between songs, and checking out Instagram or Google+ notifications at a glance.

HTC 10 Ice View case

As for the latest version of the proprietary Sense UI, this is supposed to run leaner than all its predecessors, removing some bloat and also a few Google apps HTC feels it can do better. Say goodbye to “duplicates” for Chrome, Google Fit, Keep and Docs, as well as HTC’s Dialer, Message, Clock/Weather, and Sense Home.

Boost+ is of course nothing new or especially remarkable right now, with the Freestyle Layout aiming to encourage your creativity instead of keeping you confined to an on-screen grid dictating the layout. Customization is endless, and you also get easy access to “thousands of professional looking themes”, courtesy of a fresh HTC Themes flavor.

More on software goodies and add-ons, and particularly UI performance, in our detailed HTC 10 review soon. Stay tuned.

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