HTC 10 tipped to sell a million units this year, as OEM production will slide even further

While HTC put a lot of trust in its redesigned new flagship phone and first ever VR headset, the two’s launches haven’t been able to right the sinking ship just yet. The Vive, of course, is still in a decent position to spearhead a revolution and the rise of a profitable industry, which we can’t say about the HTC 10.

Released a little late, a little overpriced, and incapable of standing out from the Galaxy S7-led pack, the beveled 5.2-incher is barely projected by market research firm TrendForce to reach a million units in 2016 production volume.

The GS7 duo, mind you, was on track to cross the 25M sales milestone last month already, with the LG G5 falling short of expectations, but no doubt heavily eclipsing the HTC 10 anyway. Overall, the long-stumbling Taiwanese giant may only build 13 million handhelds this year, down 27 percent from the 2015’s 18 mil count.

Chinese OEMs 2016 production forecast

Even domestic rival Asus will probably beat that, surging from 16 to 21.5 million box-office scores, though Chinese brands OPPO, Vivo and LeEco should post the highest growth numbers. OPPO is tipped to rise 59 percent, to 78M, Vivo “just” 40 percent, to 66M, and LeEco a mind-blowing 300 percent, to 20M. Times are a-changing, it seems.

Source: TrendForce

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