HP Veer 4G Unboxing (Video)

The result of HP trying to “veer” away from the trend for larger-screened devices is the Veer 4G on AT&T. Billed as the smallest smartphone on the planet, the Veer 4G is capable of HSPA+ Category 10 speeds on AT&T, meaning it can do a maximum theoretical 14.4Mbps down in optimum conditions. WebOS fans will know the Veer to be the proper successor to the Palm Pixi Plus. Though in making the next-generation dwarf WebOS device, HP went with a form factor that is very similar to the Pre 2: the Veer has a slide-down keyboard with small and clicky keys, plus it has a flat piece of glass on the front which covers the 400×320 resolution display which measures just 2.6″. Beyond the form factor, the Veer gets a spec bump compared to the Pixi Plus with an 800MHz CPU and 512MB of RAM, versus 600MHz and 256MB of RAM. It’s running on WebOS 2.1.2. You get a color choice of black or white with the Veer; our review unit is black. With a new two-year agreement, the Veer 4G will cost you just $49.99.

Some first impressions:

– The keyboard is fantastic. Super clicky, easy to use

– The fact that you can’t charge the device or output audio without the magnetic adapter is very annoying

– Device performance seems pretty weak. Already we’ve had the device freeze a couple of times while doing simple web browsing

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