HP Trademarking ‘HP Duopad,’ ‘HP Touchslate,’ ‘HP Touchcanvas’

Hewlett Packard has sent another trio of tablet-related applications through the USPTO, “HP Duopad,” “HP Touchslate,” and “HP Touchcanvas,” following “HP Touchpad” from last week. When you include PalmPad, that makes five possible brandings for what are rumored to be only two or three upcoming units, so we suspect that some of these may either be red herrings or simply different potential names that the company is in the process of choosing among. Still, with tablets as in vogue as they are right now — over 100 were reportedly introduced at CES alone — it’s quite possible that there are even more models down the road from HP which will carry these monikers.

The two rumored Palm tablets, Opal and Topaz, are said to sport seven- and 9.7-inch screens, respectively, with leaked Topaz specs suggesting a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 512MB DDR2 RAM, and either 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of solid state storage. We’ve heard that they’ll begin shipping anytime between March and September — which is quite a window — in Wi-Fi-only, 3G, and eventually LTE-capable configurations.


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