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HP iPAQ hw6500 ROM Update Released

By Christopher Spera July 27, 2006, 2:13 pm

Those of you who have an iPAQ hw6500 might want to jump over to the support page for it and check out the 1.20 ROM Upgrade. It seems like its fairly important, as it resolves a lot of previously noted problems, and provides some pretty cool enhancements (like a new GSM/GPRS Radio Stack). The ROM is dated 13-Jul-06, and it replaces the 1.12 ROM that was released just 6 days prior to the 1.2 ROM (released 07-Jul-06).

**Fixes **

  • Fixes issue where device exiting from Flight Mode prompts for Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) unlock code when Third-Generation (3G) SIM card (also known as Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC)) is used.

  • Fixes issue where a step-down in CPU clock speed affects normal phone operation.

  • Fixes issue where the GSM Radio resets during an active voice call.

  • Fixes intermittent issue where changing the Standby setting from the TODAYPANEL shortcut in the TODAY page causes the HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger to reset.

  • Fixes issue where an HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger with a very low battery state, cycles continuously in boot up sequence when AC power is applied.

  • Fixes issue where Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) applications show an inaccurate current position.

  • Fixes intermittent issue where the HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger does not resume from Suspend mode when Bluetooth is enabled.

  • Fixes issue where the HP iPAQ Mobile Messenger cannot answer an incoming call during a Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN) connection.

  • Fixes issue where an e-mail attachment cannot be saved to an external storage card.


**Enhancements **

  • Provides the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Radio Firmware Version 2.12.00.

  • Provides GSM Protocol Stack Version R5G.23.00.05.

  • Provides Bluetooth Software Version

  • Provides Quick GPS Connection Driver Version 2.03.

  • Provides TODAYPANEL Lite Version 2.20.

  • Sets Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) as the default value for the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) Authentication setting.

  • Renames secure digital (SD) and mini-SD cards to "Storage Card."

  • Disallows the creation of additional Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) accounts.


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