UK Microsoft Store opens HP Elite x3 ‘Business Pack’ pre-orders at $1,000 equivalent

We know the recent Brexit referendum badly impacted local prices of consumer electronics as diverse as the OnePlus 3 and HTC Vive, but something tells us HP and Microsoft intend to overcharge for the Elite x3 worldwide.

Oh, yeah, HP told us that a little while ago via several regional branches of its official e-store, which still doesn’t completely absorb the shock of seeing the business-oriented Windows 10 phone fetch £750, VAT included, on Redmond’s British website, equating to a nice, round, heart attack-inducing $1,000.

A thousand bucks for a 6-inch gadget? Can it cook dinner or at least bend like a banana? No and no, although it seamlessly converts into a desktop computer of sorts when docked to an external monitor.

The £750 HP Elite X3 Business Pack fortunately includes a Desk Dock, but no keyboard, mouse or large screen, which you’ll need to purchase separately for a full Continuum experience. In case you feel £750 is just a tad rich for your blood, third-party retailer Clove can hook you up with the same “Business Pack” at £680 ($907). Both Microsoft and Clove take pre-orders for now, promising to ship their first units on August 18 and 19 respectively, while availability in other countries remains nonexistent.

Sources: Microsoft, Clove

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