HP Elite x3 Desk Dock bundle sets you back $599 after limited-time $200 markdown

Still thinking about whether or not that special HP Elite x3 “Holiday Bundle” is worth a whopping $999? Well, technically, you’re getting a great deal there, Lap Dock, Desk Dock, phone case, screen protector and all, with Microsoft justly advertising total savings of $462.

But a thousand bucks is a lot of money to ask for a Windows 10 handheld, and if you’re not entirely sold on the idea of seamlessly converting the 6-incher into a 12.5-inch Full HD mini-notebook, a $599 bundle available through HP’s own US e-store until December 3 may feel like a more reasonable early Christmas purchase. Or late Thanksgiving.

Billed as a “Cyber Week” bargain, the package merely includes the actual Snapdragon 820 phablet, and a Desk Dock for easy Continuum synchronization to an external display. Of course, you’ll need to buy the monitor separately, as well as a mouse and keyboard, unless you already own such a setup waiting to bring your “critical” business applications from your pocket to the big screen.

Keep in mind that regularly, the HP Elite x3 alone costs $699, with the Desk Dock worth an additional $100 or so. Ergo, you’re looking at a solid bundle discount of around $200, and while the x3 is reportedly not the world’s most popular W10M device, it’s arguably the beefiest and sharpest of the bunch, thanks to 4GB RAM, a 4150mAh battery, military-grade durability, and Quad HD display resolution.

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