HP Debuts Palm Pre 2, Hits Verizon in ‘Coming Months’ [Update]

HP has officially unveiled the successor to the original Palm Pre, the Palm Pre 2. Billed as the first Palm phone with a gigahertz processor, the Pre 2 also doubles the internal storage of its predecessor — to 16GB, matching that of the Pre Plus — and bumps the camera up to a five-megapixel sensor. However, just as had been rumored, the rest of the specs remain mostly unchanged in this third hardware generation, from the 3.1-inch capacitive HVGA display to the two-flavor WiFi (b/g) to the body style (admittedly, the Pre 2 is a reported 6.5 grams heavier than the Pre Plus, which itself is 3.5 grams heavier than the Sprint Pre). Also new to this model, of course, is webOS 2.0, which found itself leaking all over the internet for a good part of the summer.


According to HP, the Pre 2 launches on Friday in France of all places, although pricing was not immediately available. The Pre 2 is then scheduled to hit Verizon “in the coming months,” along with an unnamed Canadian carrier or carriers.

Additionally, webOS developers will have the ability to purchase unlocked GSM-flavored units in the US, so expect to see some AT&T-capable Pre 2’s selling on eBay for a pretty penny in short time.

Update: Apparently SFR had its Palm Pre 2 page up a little early, complete with pricing details: 100 euros (~$137) on contract, 449 euros (~$619) unsubsidized. (via: intomobile)

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